Setting up a new space soon? Don’t let your current bank balance stop you from furnishing your space to reflect your style – Find out more about our Furnish Financing & Space Combo Deals, to see if its an ideal fit for you.

In view of the volatile economic situation and ever increasing prices due to exchange rates hike, The Furniture Plug NG developed a strategy to provide Nigerians with financing support for easier purchase of their Ideal Furniture, without over stretching their pockets through the Furnish Financing Offer 

The Plug Furnish-Finance Offer consists of packages ideal for setting up commercial or personal apartment or house. Ideal customers can purchase quality products that fit their style and space without the restrictions of available funds.

This service also covers procurement of furniture items not in our stock but available to the market at discounted rates. In all, our goal is to drive convenient and affordable access to quality luxury furniture.

The Plug Furnish-Finance Packages


Furniture products featured as a combo deal are locked in as a bundle and viewed as one “ITEM”, components of the bundle can be tweaked to fit customer’s style preference only within the deal range. Listed deals (which are not fixed) can be found via our social media accounts or by clicking HERE

If customer wants to switch to higher / lower options, a new combo deal will be created and once payment / deposit has been made, items can not be removed. To request such will mean individual prices of items will be reactivated and as such a new order-total will be generated and invoice issued, with consideration of already made deposit.

  • Order Change: 24hours after initial installment or payment, any changes to customers order such as size, product design etc will be at a cost to the customer, as orders fully purchased and left in storage or via “Spread Pay” will be moved into separate storage and incurred logistics cost to activate required swap will be the sole responsibility of the customer.



Save over 20% when you purchase your furniture via this package. This covers items like sofa sets, outdoor furniture etc that are manufactured internationally and imported to be assembled locally, for which we are registered distributors. With a minimum of 65% deposit, we will procure your item of interest at a discount – warehousing fees are activated after 7days of items arrival at our warehouse as well as incurred handling fees. CLICK TO VIEW SOFA PRE-ORDER DISCOUNT

  • Order Change: the cost of the swap will be borne by the customer and in the event that the company refuses a swap, 50% of the item cost will be left as deposit to be refunded to the customer only after the item has been sold.



Our Spread Pay feature allows for purchase and storage of furniture order within an agreed “Cycle of Time” and service charges depending on package of choice at less than 5% additional cost on customer’s total order amount.


  • Duration: Minimum of 1 Cycle – 30 days – Maximum of 2 Cycles = 60 days
  • Storage Fees: 1st Cycle (N7,500 – N100,000 depending on size and value)  | 2nd Cycle + N30,000 (extra on 1st Cycle fee)
  • Processing – Handling Fees: N5,000 – N70,000 (one time payment – non-refundable – fee dependent on size of order & value)
  • 2 Cycles – 60 days: Initial Deposit & Interest Charges:
    • 1st Cycle / Initial deposit:
      • 40% minimum below N1,000,000
      • 60% minimum above N1,000,000
    • 2nd Cycle: 
      • Complete balance to be paid within 30 days of 2nd Cycle
      • 5% on outstanding balance from 1st Cycle
  • Order Cancellation Fee: Once payment of the first installment is done, it is acknowledged as an automatic activation of the service, To cancel the order, a deduction (N5,000 – N60,000) will be made from the deposit, as well as any further expense incurred in the activation of the service. This may vary based on the type of financing package.


  • Default Penalties:
    • N10,000 per late payment or default on terms without mutual agreement with admin


  • Warehousing Charge: We provide storage services for customer’s orders within a maximum period of 60 days. Below is the list of warehousing options based on duration and package.
    • Full Payment (outright buy)
      • Free for first  7 days
      • N5,000 – N20,000 for 3 weeks
      • N15,000 – N50,000 per 30 days
    • Spread Pay:
      • N8,000 – N30,000 1st Cycle
      • N60,000 per Cycle after 1st 30 days
      • Maximum 60 days after which customer is liable completely for their item and monthly storage fees still applies and must be paid in full before order will be released


SUPPLY: Items ordered are only released upon completion of payment or to be completed upon delivery for Lagos customers ONLY

INSTALLATION FEES: Imported furniture items are packed into cartons in parts, these parts need to be assembled by an expert-installer-for-hire at a fee, depending on the size and complexity, as well as distance within Lagos – based on logistics. Except stated, this cost is the responsibility of the customer.

DELIVERY FEES: The cost of supplying purchased items to customer’s location is the responsibility of the customer, except explicitly stated by admin as part of a deal offering. For outside Lagos deliveries, this will be taken to a haulage or logistics park for waybill and the cost of moving item from the warehouse / showroom to the park will also be the responsibility of the customer, except stated or agreed upon.

DISCOUNT DEALS CLAIM – Spread Pay Option: 80% of total amount is expected to be paid as a commitment fee for orders made during the sales period and have a maximum spread duration of 30days, alongside warehousing and handling costs, after which all “SPREAD PAY” charges will be applied.


  • Delivery is not free except stated or agreed as included in the price with the admin as a discount
  • Payment of delivery is a proof of customer commitment towards agreed terms and service conditions for Lagos ONLY orders.
  • If ordering on behalf of a client, before installation will commence, payment of goods ordered must be paid
  • If the goods ordered is to be received by another person such as staff etc, on behalf of the customer, payment has to be made before installation will commence
  • After payment of delivery fee, delivery has to be made with 48hours except a schedule has been discussed with the admin & may include warehousing charge


Clicking to proceed and engage any of our admin to process this service, is considered as your agreement to our listed service terms and all it entails.

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  • Delivery is NOT Free
  • To Process Lagos Orders - Delivery Fee must be paid FIRST
  • For Free delivery orders - Token fee of N5,000 MUST be paid to process
  • Installation fee: most items need to be assembled at the location, except stated is NOT Free especially for items on Sales
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