We work with a union of delivery drivers and a network of delivery persons/dispatch riders, depending on the product type, size, and distance.

  • Our delivery rate is peculiar to each customer based on their location, type and size of goods ordered, as it determines the best delivery vehicle option and the best rate gotten from the drivers.
  • For use of dispatch riders, we operate a “pay to order” model as estimated delivery time is currently impossible with Dispatch Riders and their management companies
  • For use of delivery drivers, we require an advance payment of the delivery fee as a sign of the commitment of the customer and in situations for items with free delivery, a percentage of the good’s price to be paid and the rest is to be paid on delivery
  • For use of delivery persons, we operate a “pay on delivery” model as they are trackable
  • Delivery fees also vary with the size/bulk of the customer’s order which determines the type of vehicle to be used.

Delivery Schedule:

  • Same or Next Day delivery: this depends on the time the order was made and the bulk of items in the order
  • Customer Schedule: you can schedule a date for delivery close to your order date. To ensure you get the items on your list, kindly make a delivery advance payment to secure your order and provide an exact address for delivery and contact details.

Very Important Notice

Hello & Welcome!

Please note that DELIVERY FEE  varies for different product types, mode of transportation, and location. Payment of  delivery fee or a token of N5,000 for some products will guarantee the processing of your order.

Payment on delivery for goods ordered is for Lagos ONLY.

Thanks for considering us… as we anticipate doing business with you.

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